Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Venice Biennale

I was at the Venice Biennale this year over the summer where I saw some really really inspired and beautiful work which I feel is really useful for my thoughts in process.

I am interested in creating a pod/cocoon/space, which works with the senses to eleviate suffering in children with autism and perhaps we could work with support groups to create an interactive yet portable piece. Light, sound, smell, texture, sensations and atmospheres around the body, water, and heat/temperature, reactive and interactive are all key concepts. 
I would like to create a textile, which embodies the philosophies which appeal to me such as memories, documentation, recollection, to help and support those with memory loss. Work with a person/or their family with such difficulties to personalize their complete experience. Perhaps this could involve images of loved ones, embroidered poetry, evocative fragrances, and the archiving of a life.

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