Tuesday, 24 November 2009

these are my two mini briefs for process. they are quite opposite in the end resul that they would both achieve however both spaces are emotive and play on perception...with the spaces aim being to only be successful when combined with he users interaction

the first space is a womb like space, a comforting encapsualtion...like being wrapped in cottonwool

the second is much more sinister with entrapment and discomfort being the incentive...i like the idea of purposely forming a bad sensory space where the user is thrown out of their comfort zone and in to an eerie, thought provoking environment....and to moniter their experience

here i began by wanting to create a tunnel with straws but ended up by playing with the strswa creating ideas for space partitions, division. i like the effect of the light as you pass by the straws, the user can only see out of the straw that is directly infront of them...i think it could be interesting construct a space on a larger scale and see how the users react to it.

here i trapped myself within a tube of stretchy material- i like the idea of being trapped in a space, secure but to another level...claustrophobic....suffocating. an elaastic space that is closing in on the user. i found the images to be almost haunting.

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  1. Ive done some similar work with the fabric stretching and I have a suggestion. We could do a digital drape session onto such movements with imagery. We project images onto the body and it can be really effective and interesting. Ill upload some ideas.....