Monday, 9 November 2009

System of 9th November

Making a building

We gathered some wood and pipes. Firstly, I considered keeping the small round arch shape as a walkway for pedestrians and making a building above the arch. The problem was how support a building, the arch shape material is too weak to support structure. We tried to use wood as columns but we found that the pipes can be a column as well as wood. We wanted to make cylinder shape of building so rounded metal net to make a cylinder.

Compare between metal and wood

One of advantages of using wood is convenience of handling. Wood is the most common material in our dairy life. Most of our furniture is made with wood. When I saw the wood today, I felt to use and make something but I didn’t feel movement.

When I found this metal string, I wanted to make twisted shape for showing kind of movement, but it was not possible to twist by hands, so we decided to make a bridge with wood and metal. Metal looks easy to bend, but without special tools, it was not able to make shape, which we intended.

We used wires to fix metal string at wood

Wood frame looks quite fixed aspect and metal strings shows kind of movement.

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