Monday, 14 December 2009

Susanna and I were brainstorming about our bad sensory promote the feeling of discomfort and alter the users perception...

Trapped v. Safe

Net Web Cocoon Womb Cage

Isolation - good or bad?

Clostrophobic? Secure?


taking on cockroach characteristics to improve the human race

the baby farm....

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Materials - Paper

Materials - Bricks

While I was doing the process about Tolworth Roundabout, we have been focused on underpass in Tolworth and found our common interest such as ‘safety’, ‘sensory place’. I started to focus on ‘sensory place’ for Tolworth Roundabout then found interesting inquiries. ‘What makes the place as a danger place’ then I realised that every piece of material could make this atmosphere as well as emotions. People have a different feeling, even in a same place. I wanted to investigate a relation between materials and emotions. So that I investigate the Bricks, Papers, Woods and Metals.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A place for cockroach

The idea of the big installation is a residence for human who started to have the characteristic of a cockroach. one characteristic is that they like to stay in small gaps in between spaces. Therefore, this house does not consist of rooms which are square and linked with a corridor. Instead, all the rooms are narrow corridors so we can always stay in a confined space. In addition, since we have the ability to climb and walk on the ceiling, the house is a sphere to represent our concept of having no limited surface to stay on.

A place for cockroach

Saturday, 28 November 2009

What I'm interested in

The top two images are my samples I've made of semi transparent fabric and bondaweb.
I am thinking to combine more than one colour to create imagery and use it as a textile for my garment.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Venice Biennale

I was at the Venice Biennale this year over the summer where I saw some really really inspired and beautiful work which I feel is really useful for my thoughts in process.

I am interested in creating a pod/cocoon/space, which works with the senses to eleviate suffering in children with autism and perhaps we could work with support groups to create an interactive yet portable piece. Light, sound, smell, texture, sensations and atmospheres around the body, water, and heat/temperature, reactive and interactive are all key concepts. 
I would like to create a textile, which embodies the philosophies which appeal to me such as memories, documentation, recollection, to help and support those with memory loss. Work with a person/or their family with such difficulties to personalize their complete experience. Perhaps this could involve images of loved ones, embroidered poetry, evocative fragrances, and the archiving of a life.

Use of digital drape in process.

In relation to Roisins post with the stretchy elastic fabric, here are some digital drape images which could be useful. We can drape some of our shapes, imagery onto the body dressed in white stretchy shapes. Perhaps recreating habitats, body sculptures. 

Maybe we can trap something between the body and the fabric. An atmosphere, a sensation, smell, temperature, pheromones.

Maybe we can light this structure from within also? create kinetics, movement, use thermochromics to create interactivity.

these are my two mini briefs for process. they are quite opposite in the end resul that they would both achieve however both spaces are emotive and play on perception...with the spaces aim being to only be successful when combined with he users interaction

the first space is a womb like space, a comforting being wrapped in cottonwool

the second is much more sinister with entrapment and discomfort being the incentive...i like the idea of purposely forming a bad sensory space where the user is thrown out of their comfort zone and in to an eerie, thought provoking environment....and to moniter their experience

here i began by wanting to create a tunnel with straws but ended up by playing with the strswa creating ideas for space partitions, division. i like the effect of the light as you pass by the straws, the user can only see out of the straw that is directly infront of them...i think it could be interesting construct a space on a larger scale and see how the users react to it.

here i trapped myself within a tube of stretchy material- i like the idea of being trapped in a space, secure but to another level...claustrophobic....suffocating. an elaastic space that is closing in on the user. i found the images to be almost haunting.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Movement and Sound

I have uploaded my video documentation of experiment of material.

Please find below add.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Still experimenting.....I played with cardboard and paper here, extruding sections from the ceiling and floor areas of the imaginary space. the geometric lines make it seem quite rigid and harsh, reemphasising the cage and boundaries.