Monday, 14 December 2009

Susanna and I were brainstorming about our bad sensory promote the feeling of discomfort and alter the users perception...

Trapped v. Safe

Net Web Cocoon Womb Cage

Isolation - good or bad?

Clostrophobic? Secure?


taking on cockroach characteristics to improve the human race

the baby farm....

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Materials - Paper

Materials - Bricks

While I was doing the process about Tolworth Roundabout, we have been focused on underpass in Tolworth and found our common interest such as ‘safety’, ‘sensory place’. I started to focus on ‘sensory place’ for Tolworth Roundabout then found interesting inquiries. ‘What makes the place as a danger place’ then I realised that every piece of material could make this atmosphere as well as emotions. People have a different feeling, even in a same place. I wanted to investigate a relation between materials and emotions. So that I investigate the Bricks, Papers, Woods and Metals.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A place for cockroach

The idea of the big installation is a residence for human who started to have the characteristic of a cockroach. one characteristic is that they like to stay in small gaps in between spaces. Therefore, this house does not consist of rooms which are square and linked with a corridor. Instead, all the rooms are narrow corridors so we can always stay in a confined space. In addition, since we have the ability to climb and walk on the ceiling, the house is a sphere to represent our concept of having no limited surface to stay on.

A place for cockroach