Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tolworth roundabout

First, thanks to Stacy for being so on this. As I mentioned yesterday, I can't make this week due to a long standing commitment.

I drive home via Tolworth so took some photos and a video yesterday. It may be a bit shaky as it was whilst driving but hopefully gives you and idea of what we're dealing with. So not a theme park! You may also want the sound off when you watch it, unless you're a radio 4 fan. I've added some shots of Tolworth tower. I know that the brief is to look at the roundabout but once you've seen it for yourselves I think you'll realise that it's so large and iconic that it will be hard to ignore it.

And why is my text underlined?


  1. Thanks Ethan , this is great! I cant wait to check it out in person. The brief highlights how we should make social commentary and talk about human behavior. If there are tower blocks and other forms of housing etc why not explore these to.

  2. Hi ah its me faraz on blog Im known as spitfire Jerry.

    anyway I had a couple of ideas.

    One was to take samples of the eart, texture like teh grass, soile, pollution meaning surface particles like the gravel or something then looking uder a microscope and maybe dcreate blow up prints. secound was to use a microphone and to record sound and then to edit the sound and try making a piece of music out of it. Or even try to make a video which cut from image to image using the sound to do the same thing in affect.

    Also looking at the key problems of the area such as pollution ( typical example to begin with.) anyway something which concerns that area as well as it being apart of it we can try exploring the subject of traffic and seeing how people react5 withing that area.Mapping the streets or something would be an oviouse thing to do. Or even creating a more textured map of the location and some how giving the each area on the map a sense.

    Not to jump to conclusion.Th eend result maybe could ba pice or even series of pieces that are interactive with the auidence. Instead or making the product not to touch as it is a space that we are trying to capture (in essence we should allow the interactive audience interact with the initail concept that we are going to grasp.

  3. It me faraz again.
    Hi blog first of all and then to every one.
    I thought we had some great ideas in the last meeting and i like the thing about the contrast of the two places and also the fact that we have to understand the place and then see how we can contribute. Or a solution that can change something or if not at least work towards exploring the issues and identifying how they can be resolved.

    The idea of the edited sound with image is a vague idea at the moment. I am going to get access for a microscope some how. Any ways Im thinking of blowing these up and some how creating prints.
    none the less id agree in keeping our option open so we can let information in our observation feed in before making certain conclusions.

  4. hi farez, i agree we need to keep it really open, its all about or methods of gathering research and investigation!