Sunday, 18 October 2009

Tolworth roundabout 2

Hi everyone. I also went to the roundabout and took photos and a video.

The area looked dull... I went there around 5pm on Saturday.

I am interested in the structure of that place, very complicated.

Roads are crossing over each other and also pedestrian underground passages are combined.

I think I will try to create a colourful map to make the structure understandable.

I guess that the green area inside the roundabout is something for us to play around with!?


  1. Amazing start, tolworth roundabout embodies all that is English, post war architecture. Who designed it? When? What are materials? Do the people living - moving through this space love or hate it?
    How does it make you feel when you visit it... The concrete looks so cold and damp... And in some ways quite eary... Have you met any of the locals? Are there any beggars or tramps in the under pass? Has anyone been after dark?(if so please go in a group and do keep it safe) but night could be amazing with night vision photography... Good luck :-) Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,

    We all had strong emotional reactions to this space. It was scary , the sounds were very intense and because your on a bridge over looking the roads the ground feels unstable and strange. Sigi took some sound recordings which I think hes working on.

    I spoke to someone who was working there about what that was like, he said you get used to it. There are park benches there which we find bizare, why would you want to spend time in this place?

    I plan on venturing there at night to take some pictures and see whos about, im interested in looking at the safety aspect for women.

    Were also thinking of chatting to a local radio station who are based in a huge tower block overlooking this area.

    All in all a strange and inspiring place.