Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hi everyone,

I got pictures from tolworth yesterday and also i will post them tomorrow. I also have to say I did some research into potential ways of creating benches with raised surfaces with the colors of sweet wrappers as the inspiration fading into gravel effect on the bottom. Lunch time, I was thinking there was no such exciting thing outside from my experience. Also I was going to design integrated bins into the casted benches but then I noted the hazardous factors such as bombs. I tough of clear polystyrene moulded bins chessington with separate sectioned parts from different types of litter. Any way i will post linear drawing with the pictures soon.

My experience of tolworth it was loud, noisy run down. Safe was what most interviewees said but it looked like people where living on a motor-way. In fact they are and I dont know how they cope with it. we got some really interesting feedback. I will keep posting as much as possible. cool.

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