Sunday, 17 January 2010

paper art inspired dress

My interest is in transforming paper.
For the Happening, I, Jong Hwa, and Mihwa will do a paper transformation workshop.
Though the workshop will use newspaper only(in our plan at this moment),
I have made a dress inspired by the paper cut out art, layering, and folding.

I've used the theme of adventure park.
There is a merry-go-round at the front and a big wheel at the back.
There is also a roller coaster around the hem.
I've used semi-transparent fabric in different colours to cut out and layer.

At the neckline, there is a pleat.
I was inspired by a greeting card below
which had separate motifs which come together when the card is folded.
When the pleat is folded, the little girl is excited and pulling her moms hand.
However, when the pleat is opened, the mother is separated
and instead, there is a stranger trying to kidnap the girl and she is trying to run away.
This is supposed to relate to our group(group F)'s focus of child's safety.

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